The Super Weight Loss Challenge
The Super Weight Loss Challenge
The Super Weight Loss Challenge
The Super Weight Loss Challenge
The Super Weight Loss Challenge

The Super Weight Loss Challenge

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The Squat Challenge Presents The Super Weight Loss Challenge!!

Designed to help people around the world and change their lives. The Super Weight Loss Bundle is our most valuable eBook to date. The comprehensive guides simplified for the general audience will make everything easy for your journey :)

 Note*: This bundle includes all the eBooks listed below and the video gallery with a onetime purchase only.


The ( S.W.L.C ) can be done at home and/or the gym, the exercises that we have included do not require any sophisticated equipment, but dumbbells are mandatory and it’s preferred to have two or three sets of dumbbells, since by the end of the 4th week you will grow stronger so having a heavier pair cannot hurt. Whenever an exercise feels too easy to do with the pair of dumbbells you have just grab the heavier ones.

Optional will be an exercising mat, jumping rope, good exercising shoes, training gear, and a towel.

Exercising will usually take from 40 to 90 minutes. With the exercise and training plan you will have;

  • Training days
  • HIIT Cardio days
  • Rest days



This bundle will help you in achieving your dream weight while changing your lifestyle for the better! It’s finally the time to learn the secrets of shedding the excess body fat, tone your body and build muscle. We are living in an era where being healthy has never been more important; we want to make it a priority and a way of living.

The guidebook includes tips on;

  • Warming-up and stretching
  • Exercising tips
  • Cardio
  • Diet tips



The Super Weight Loss Challenge Meal Plan is a 60-day meal plan divided in weeks, every week the number of calories that you are eating will be decreased in order to prepare your body for a faster and more effective fat loss process. Starting from week one which is about balancing your nutrients and preparing your body for fat loss, the other weeks from week two till the final week of the meal plan your body will lose more and faster and the meal plan will become more challenging each day.

We offer two types of meal plans;

  • Regular meal plan
  • Vegetarian meal plan.


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