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The purchase of all digital products, ebooks, pdf downloads and online content is subject to

the following terms and conditions. All customers are advised to review these terms and

conditions carefully before making any purchase.

 All digital products, ebooks, pdfdownloads, resource material content are subject to

copyright protection. Each digital product, ebook, pdf download and online content sold is

licensed to a single user only. Customers are not allowed to copy, distribute, share and/or

transfer the product.)

 All transactions for purchase of intangible products, ebooks, pdf downloads, resource

material, and online content are made through payment gateways such as PayPal that use

SSL encryption. These payment gateways are safe and secure for using all types of credit

cards and debit cards in different countries and your details are not stored during this


 In case you are not redirected back to our website after purchase or you do not receive an

email from us with a link to the product of your purchase, you can immediately contact us

with your transaction details, including the email ID through which the payment was made.

We will revert back to you with your product details and download link as soon as possible.


All transfers conducted through The FitnessPhysique Company are handled and

transacted through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee your protection. Card

information is not stored and all card information is handled over SSL encryption. Please

read the terms & conditions for the payment gateway choosen for the transaction as they

are responsible for the transactions made.fitnessphysiqueinc 2015



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