The squat challenges are product of hard work and research from certified trainers all around the world. All exercises are tested by trainers and normal people and are guaranteed to work if followed rigorously!

For the best results we created specific meal plans for you. Balanced nutrition, delicious meals and snacks will help you achieve your goals faster!

Each plan is briefly explained with details and all exercises are explained with photo frames and text that will guide you to perform all exercises with ease.

This are the most popular challenges to date and give off amazing results. Our plans include different tips on how to measure progress and BMI . Cellulite killer exercises, busted myths and a lot of helpful tips.

What program should I choose?

Click on each plan to find more information about it. If you are still not sure which one is the right one for you, send us an email with as much information about you as you can, for us to recommend you the best plan! 


What should I expect?

The transformations are real! That we guarantee! But what you should expect will all depend on how much you give in our challenges. Following every exercise and pushing your limits will definitely transform your body. Our meal plans are there to help! So make sure you don’t skip any meal and don’t have one too many, should also make everything easy!

We have combined the most efficient, fun and easy exercises that can be performed by anyone, especially for starters.

The squat challenge is an eBook; no physical books will be shipped.