Active Male - Lose Weight

Active Male - Lose Weight

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Active Male - Lose Weight Meal Plan

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This meal plan is especially designed for active males whose goals are to lose weight. If you are active but you are overweight or want to lose a few pounds or kilos then this meal plan is the right one for you with six meals a day including snacks.

The meal plan is designed to follow for 7 days, for each day you have meals with calories which you have to eat during the day. After you finish the 7 days you restart the meal plan again and you continue to do so for the best results possible or till you achieve the goal weight you aimed for. Until you have achieved the results you wanted you can follow this meal plan, without any additional costs or anything.

 The meal plan offers:

  • Grocery List
  • Recipes for each dish
  • Nutritional Facts
  • Everything Measured Correctly For Best Results Possible
  • Recipe Pictures etc.

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