Toned Arms Challenge - Gym Edition
Toned Arms Challenge - Gym Edition
Toned Arms Challenge - Gym Edition

Toned Arms Challenge - Gym Edition

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The Toned Arms Challenge - 8 week gym edition offers the perfect arm training plan. After only 2 weeks you will start to notice the difference in your arms. After completing the whole program you will get rid of flabby arms, have toned arms and feel stronger at the same time. This challenge is designed for everyone in mind, whether it is your first time lifting weights or you work out regularly, we got you covered. 

In the Toned Arms Challenge you will find:

EDUCATION (22 pages)

  • Info on how to train arms effectively 
  • Why training arms is important
  • Foods which help you get rid of flabby arms
  • Info on how to prevent injuries
  • Arm muscles 
  • and many other questions answered 


  • Info on warm-up and stretches 
  • Warm-up and stretches examples
  • Cardio
  • How much weight to lift
  • Exercise & training plan 
  • Exercise Glossary
  • Each exercise is shown with pictures, explanation
  • Exercise variations


  • Dumbbells ( start with lighter ones if you are a beginner)
  • Bar / Barbell 
  • Cable Machine / V-Bar
  • E-Z curl bar
  • Incline bench
  • Dip Machine
  • Flat bench
  • Curl bench

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