Home Edition Bundle

Home Edition Bundle

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Get The Best Out Of The Fit Challenges

Please read before making the purchase, thank you.

We have combined 3 different eBooks to a single purchase, this way if you do not know what to choose from our website, this would be the best package you can get with an amazing price.

In the SQUAT CHALLENGE you will find:


    • Guide on resting and sleeping
    • How to get rid of cellulite
    • Info on cardio and losing weight
    • Info on setting and achieving goals
    • Cardio, Interval and HIIT Training
    • Info on how much weight you should lift etc.


    • Tips on proper form
    • Warm Up and Stretching Routines
    • Exercises with Pictures

    The SIX PACK CHALLENGE directs you to:

      • A guide to diet and nutrition
      • Cardio and HIIT training
      • Warm-up and stretching
      • Sets and reps
      • and many other tips for ABS

       The Exercise and Training Plan eBook directs you to:

      • A 12 week training plan for abs
      • Warm-up and Stretches
      • Exercises with pictures 

    In the MEAL PLAN You Will Find:

    You will have a meal plan designed to follow for 7 days, after you finish the 7 days you restart the meal plan again and you continue to do so for the best results possible. Until you have achieved the results you wanted you can follow this meal plan, without any additional costs or anything. In the Meal plan You will find:

    • Grocery List
    • Recipes for each dish
    • Nutritional Facts
    • Everything Measured Correctly For Best Results Possible
    • Recipe Pictures etc.

    In your email you will receive a download link where you will be able to download your files on your computer or on your phone, if you use IOS get the app iBook to access your files at any time after the download, if you use Android get the Adobe Reader app.

    The Squat Challenge eBooks are non refundable, if you need more information or if you are having trouble with something please visit our contact page, thank you.

    Please read our refund policy before ordering.

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