Full Body Workout Challenge 1.1 - 12 week (home edition)
Full Body Workout Challenge 1.1 - 12 week (home edition)
Full Body Workout Challenge 1.1 - 12 week (home edition)

Full Body Workout Challenge 1.1 - 12 week (home edition)

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With the full body workout challenge at home eBook we have made training easier. Now you can exercise in your comfy and cozy environment. With the full body workout challenge eBook you have to exercise four days a week for about 30-60 minutes. There are around 50 different exercises which help you reach your fitness goals at home. We offer a training guide and a training plan as well, with both of them you will find the best eBook at home.  


  • Info and tips on:
  • Major muscle groups
  • Upper, Lower and Core Muscles
  • Relatable Muscles
  • Compound Movements
  • Training & Cardio 

This plan is perfect if you are too busy to visit a gym, you will complete the workouts in one hour and feel very good after.


We offer two different exercise & training plans, 8 and 12 week exercise & training plans.

Both of them offer exercising four days a week. If you are interested to workout longer than 8 weeks, then choose the 12 week one. Both of the training plans are good whether you are a beginner or intermediate in the fitness world. You can directly start with the 12 week training plan. The difference is that the 12 week one is longer and has more exercises of course the results will be better in the end. If you finish one of our training plans you can always start it from the beginning with more sets and reps and by adding heavier weights. For both of the training plans you will need: dumbbells and a chair. The weight of the dumbbells depends on your fitness level.


  • We offer combined exercises
  • The results will be the same as with a gym edition
  • Variety of workouts
  • Involves all your body
  • General health
  • Get fit ( Stay fit )
  • Be healthy

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