Starting your fitness journey? This is what you should do!


Many of you start this lifestyle with a goal of losing some pounds to look leaner or summer ready, or just

being healthier you name it.

When you decide to start you journey your first step would be looking for information and to get it you

start asking people who are supposed to know like a personal trainer in your gym, you go on line and

start reading post from fitness coaches in social media, nutrition forum there is a lot of information in

this world and most of them have their right amount of fair and good knowledge some of them are non-

First of all you need to do something you feel comfortable doing, you can go with clean eating and

having a cheat meal once in a while or you can count your Macros (Macro Stands for the nutrients inside

every food: Protein, Carbs, Fats, Fiber) and for the people following the macro count is not an excuse to

eat cookies freely if you over top your daily requirements you won’t lose fat.

The body works pretty much like a calculator food ads calories to our numbers exercise rest numbers to

that amount. Your body has a specific amount of calories to maintain his body functions and your body

weight and that number is called BMR (basal metabolic rate) and also you have the TDEE (total daily

energy expenditure) which means the number of calories you burned at the end of the day including the

ones you burned at rest and working out. And for losing fat you need to be on a calorie deficit you need

to burn more than you need to maintain your body weight. You can achieve this deficit with low calorie

diet and medium intensity workout or you can have a proper calorie intake and train as hard as you can

and it will give you a better body composition when you achieve your goal.

To be clear about this fat loss process when you are on a constant calorie deficit your body will crave

you to replenish those calories and you will feel the necessity of eating those calories.

So is necessary to achieve that deficit in the most balanced possible way if you cut off your carbs in a

couple of days you will be crying for some pizza, if you cut off your protein you will be crying for some

stake in no time. Having this in mind please let’s start this journey in a healthy way and lets strive for

balance so you can keep those cravings in minimum.

Keep in mind 1 pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories a healthy approach for fat loss is losing 1 pound per

week and that’s equivalent to a deficit of a 500 calories in a day and you can achieve that with a proper

diet and working out.

Valentina Lequeux

Fitness Coach


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